Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Grant Albutt

05.05.15_1My local venue holds good heads of skimmers. It’s feeder fishing at around 30-50 yards with spring weights around 25lb to win. I’m struggling to compete as I never know what to feed. Too much and I don’t catch until very late, not enough and I seem to just catch odd fish.

Grant Albutt says:

Firstly I would look at your bait choices and in particular your groundbait. I find a fine, flavour packed groundbait is best with very few loose feed items. If your water sees a lot of fishmeal then I would opt for a mix of Bait-Tech Special G Gold and Green mixed 50/50. This will have a very fine texture yet have massive attraction as the fishmeal content is so high. This cast regularly through as small feeder will pull fish into the water column and then follow the bait down to your feeder. You need to try and keep that ‘flavour column’ in the water to trigger the fish into feeding. Use long tails and you should notice that bites come quite quickly after the feeder hits the bottom.

05.05.15_2Of course if your venue is more traditional in terms of groundbaits used then I would opt for something like Pro Natural Bream again from Bait-Tech. This is a rich mix, packed with sweet brazem that has good quality food content and is a brilliant feeder mix for skimmers and big bream.

Regarding hook baits. Dead maggots, worms, pellets and corn make up my bait list. I don’t want to over feed these fish so I cut right back on loose feed. It’s about enticing bites and keeping the fish interested rather feeding them loads of gear.

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