Paul McIntyre Goes Paste Fishing

Saturday 23rd of May saw me doing something a little different of late.

Since winter I have been fishing Lindholme Lakes which is mainly an F1 venue. I fancied a change and decided I wanted to catch some proper carp so I had a little trip to Hallcroft to do some paste fishing.

I would say paste is the number one bait for big carp. At the draw I pulled peg 88 on the outer of moat pool, which to be honest I wasn’t that excited about but it was a big fish venue where if you managed 12-15 Carp you could get 100lb which wouldn’t be too far away.

Tactics were as simple as it gets, 2 paste rigs, one to fish short, the other long. Bait was Special G Green groundbait for the paste and Super Seed Hemp for feed.

It was a surprisingly good day and at the end of the match I ended the up with 11 carp with one being around 18lb! When the scales arrived I weighed 102lb. I was pleased with that from the area I drew, the angler on my left didn’t weigh in and venue expert Andy Sellers to my right weighed 45lb. It was good enough for 2nd.

Andy Oldham won the match at the other end with 110lb. It will be back to Lindholme next week for more F1 fishing!!

Paul McIntyre

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