War of the Roses Match – Paul McIntyre

Wednesday 20th May saw me heading to the mighty Lindholme Lakes for the War of the Roses match, Yorkshire v Lancashire.

Going into the match Yorkshire were up against it from the off as they were 400lb behind after the first match on Partridge lakes. Just want to add I didn’t fish that match!!

The match was held on Bonsai, Willows and Laurels with 80 anglers spread over the 3 lakes. I was hoping to draw a half decent peg, which I did when I pulled out 27 Bonsai. I was happy with this, it is situated between two islands and has been a very consistent peg all year round. The wind though was terrible so a simple match it was going to be. Bomb and waggler to both points of the island, pinging 6mm pellets.

I stuck to this all day as it seemed to be working. When the scales came I weighed in with 115lb which was good enough for the match win.

At the final tally Yorkshire won on the day but Lancashire won on aggregate, well done lads!

Paul McIntyre


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