Pro Natural’s Great Debut in the Italian Feeder Championship

On Sunday 3rd of May, Roberto Baretta and me, members of the Villanovesi Predatori & Prede Milo fishing team, have taken part in the first competition of Italian Individual Feeder Championship on the Bianco Canal, in Adria (RO), in the north east of Italy.

The Canal has a huge amount of bream, wels, catfishes, crucian carps and mullets.

Because of the closeness to the sea, this canal feels the tide effect, so during the competition it is possible to see frequent water level changes. Therefore it is necessary to combine feeders of different weights from 20 to 65 grams.

During the test day, on Saturday we choose Pro Natural Bream with a part of Pro Natural Dark which made a difference immediately and allowed us to landing more than 20 kilograms of bream, a crucian carp and two wonderful mullets. Using an XL open end with a weight from 30 to 50 grams and maggots both for the bait and as hookbait.

On Sunday we just copied what we have done during the test day: 4 pint of Pro Natural Bream and one and a half pint of Pro Natural Dark, maggots and worms for the bait and as hookbait, a dead maggot to select the bream size and the same feeder used during the test day.

A wonderful first place of the sector for me with 12050 points and for Baretta a second place in his sector with more than 9000 points.

Pro Natural makes a mark, used for the first time in a not easy venue such as Bianco Canal; an exceptional product that is winning our hearts and that of the Italian fish!

Thanks to Andy and to all Bait-Tech Staff.

Valentini Massimo
Predatori & Prede
Casale Monferrato, Italy




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