Viva Espana…A Spot of Wild River Carping

You can’t beat a fishing trip abroad, especially when you’re enjoying it with a close group of friends.

Some of you may of read my previous ramblings regarding my foreign carp fishing trips in search of wild uncaught carp if not then read on you may enjoy.

Giving the opportunity I would fish for Wild River carp every day, this style of fishing is right up my street.


On this trip I was armed with Poloni Boilies and Scopex corn, large sacks of broken maize was ordered via a Spanish contact, it’s cheap as chips, this was pre-soaked with bags of sugar added to help fermentation and was ready for my arrival, as soon as I arrived it was further glugged/soaked with a few bottles of my favourite Chilli flavoured CSL Liquid, mega fish attraction.

An absolute shed load of particle is required to attract and hold Wild River carp, pre-baiting on rivers helps massively and this is true in both the UK and abroad. Once the carp discover the baited area and as more feed is introduced over a period of time they will continue to re-visit, from experience the bigger fish will usually appear after a few days.

Krill and Halibut pellets where also introduced, Catfish were quickly drawn to these. I had the feeling that the Carp didn’t want to feed in the same area as the cats, they seemed to outnumber the carp. More particle and Poloni boilie were required and less pellet.

The weather had turned and it was soon the hottest day of the year, 33 degrees by day, it was evident that lots of carp had started to spawn. As this trip was a social session we decided to fish late afternoon and early evening, not ideal but as river levels fluctuated due to the influence of the large dams many miles upstream and the fact that bank space was limited, night fishing on remote spots would be unsafe on such an unpredictable wild river.

The day time activity was slow with little carp action, but plenty of ‘small’ cats up to around 40 -50 lb, great sport on carp gear but not my target fish.


Time was running out so I decided to significantly increase the amount of corn, particle and broken boilie. My thought was that the cats would visit have their fill but not be too stimulated by the particle and small food items and once cheesed off with the lack of big ‘food’ items in the swim they would move off the spots leaving plenty of small food items should any carp visit the later in the day

After numerous hours in in the baking sun it was beginning to take its toll, I had caught a great tan, had numerous mozzi bites and hooked loads of Catfish but I had caught only a few small carp awwhhhh….I was beginning to get frustrated.

With time running out my fairly heavy (10-15kg twice daily) feeding with particles, crushed and broken Poloni boilie along with Scopex flavoured corn eventually paid off and I was rewarded with a string of absolutely stunning wild river carp, not river monsters on this occasion but it was so rewarding catching Wild Carp in the fast flowing crystal clear waters.


I love this style of fishing so much that I can’t wait to re-visit this area, perhaps in Autumn when the real big ones are on the munch.

Until the next time stay lucky

Ian Hirst
Carp Catcher









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