Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Andy Neal

21.04.15_3There were some really big weights of carp taken last weekend and my local match record fell. They guy who did it says he caught them all on just a few pints of bait but surely this can’t be true? I always thought you needed to feed a lot for big weights? From Phil Trammell, Coleshill

Andy Neal says: “It’s quite easy to catch plenty on very little bait and it all comes down to the peg and the conditions on the day.

Quite often, you may find venues have bait limits so you have to adhere to that amount and when this is the case you have to do one of two things; either work out how to feed and catch from using as little bait as possible or use different baits and mix them or use them in different areas of your swim.

I quite often hold baits back and target certain areas of the pegs with them. For instance, at this time of year a lot of my fishing revolves around meat and pellets as the fish are on the much and looking for high food value to build themselves up for spawning.

21.04.15_1I like to fish Carp & Coarse pellets on the long pole or rod as I can lose feed these a lot tighter than I can with meat and they make a nice fish-attracting noise when they land on the water.

I then look to feed my trusty Polony Meat on the short pole line and down the edge.

Fishing like this means you don’t needs gallons of bait as a few pints is usually ample for a greats days sport and some bumper catches.”


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