Q&A with Lee Werrett

14.04.15_1How do you use paste on the bomb and when is it most effective? Clive Tancred, Ancaster, Lincs

Lee Werrett says:

Fishing paste on the bomb (or the ‘conker’ as it is known) can be devastating and some huge catches are caught all over the country on this every year but the time which best suits the method are the warmer summer months. However, it will start working from now right through until late October on some venues.

Feeding when fishing this way is easy and I tend to approach the method as if I were fishing a single pellet hookbait on the bomb, loose feeding pellet around the area you are casting to. Often when the fish are really aggressive bites will come within minutes of casting out. Before I talk about the paste to use, one tip is to use a heavy lead. An ounce is what I usually opt for as a lighter lead is prone to loop up and tangle the hooklink when casting. You want to be casting the weight of the lead not the weight of the paste!

14.04.15_2Pastes for this method are simply the same as you would use on the pole but stiffer to withstand the force of a cast. For me the single best paste mix for fishing like this is Bait-Tech Carp Paste, which has a glutinous texture when mixed, which makes it almost cling to the pellet that you are wrapping it around. Follow the instructions on the packet and you won’t go wrong.

You can colour the mix and add extra flavour if you wish but I simply use it from the bag. Fish a hair-rigged pellet with a fairly long hair and simply wrap a lump around the pellet. Gently cast out and wait for the rod to get dragged in – bites will be savage!




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