Phil Back at Froggatt’s

phil_1To follow up from my 1st report a couple weeks ago I decided to visit Froggatt’s pools again to fish the mid week open.

As 19 people turned up they decided to split over Malpitt and Lodge pool. I drew peg 11 on Malpitt, not really a favoured peg and no features to temp me, I set out a game plan to fish top 2 + 2 on 2 lines (10 o’clock and 2 o’clock) and fish up the margins about 8 mtrs out just in front of a bush.

I was using one of my pr chianti 4 x14 on power line 0.15 as was about 5 ft deep to a 16 B911x feeding 4mm Carp & Coarse pellets to 6mm Xpand as hook bait.

1st hour started really well on the 10 o’clock line catching skimmers to 1lb and few decent roach and Rudd and 1 f1 about 3lb. After this hour I decided to feed edge with 4mm pellets with few offerings of corn to temp bigger carp for later on.

phil_3The bites started to slow right down so opted to move to the 2 o’clock line and had few more silvers and losing a carp at the net while still maintaining to feed the margin. My margin rig was a pr dura style margin float on 0.17 power line to a B911x so decided to have a look as my other lines had gone quiet and within 30 seconds bite and landed a carp about 4lb.

I continued to fish the margin for the rest of the match as bites were frequent and landed a total of 20 carp and f1s and 1 tench, unfortunately I lost 4 carp in total which cost me the match as I weighed in 70lb – 13 for a 2nd place in 2 consecutive opens using Carp and Coarse feed pellets and Xpands – Phil Reynolds




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