Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Steve Tucker

07.04.15_1Rob Fallon, Cudworth, South Yorkshire

Q: I love catching skimmers and bream and my club lake is full of them. I usually use just worm and caster with home-made breadcrumb groundbait but I want to try pellets. Having only ever fished pellets for carp, where would I start when targeting skimmers and bream using them?

A: Bait-Tech’s Steve Tucker says:

This is a very simple thing to do and massively effective. Nearly all of my skimmer and bream fishing these days revolves around the use of pellets and fishmeal-based groundbaits and the good news is that there’s nothing difficult about it – all you need is a bag of good quality fishmeal groundbait.

I use Bait-Tech’s new F1 as it is packed with crushed Xpand pellets, feed pellets and high quality fishmeals. Alongside this I’d take a bag of 2mm and 4mm feed pellets (Carp & Coarse), some Xpand pellets for the hook and you have plenty of bait for a great days sport.

07.04.15_2A good handful of the feed pellets are added to the groundbait and I usually kick off with several balls of this. Use a pumped Xpand pellet on the hook and you are good to go! Bream of all sizes absolutely love this combo of feed but don’t forget to keep feeding during the day. Bream and skimmers can eat a lot of food so if the bites dry up, feed some more.

I think that you’ll be really surprised with how effective these baits are and in a lot of cases they will perform better than worm and caster. Give them a try next time you go out.



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