Bait-Tech Viaduct Open – Steve Tucker

Bait-Tech Viaduct Open – Sunday 29th March

tucks_1After receiving my new F1 Groundbait I was itching to have a go with it for skimmers. It is made with crushed Xpands and would go hand in hand with 4mm & 6mm Xpands hookbaits. We all know how much these commercial skimmers love pellets!

At the draw I pull out peg 78 on Cary Lake, bang on for fishing for skimmers as the carp seem to be further up the lake at the moment. I mixed up a 2 kilo bag of F1 Groundbait, riddled it to get a perfect fluffy texture. Then I added one good handful of 2mm Carp & Coarse pellets and about 50 4mm pellets to my mix.

As Sunday was very windy I started at 6metres out on the pole, which was about 4ft deep. Setting 2 rigs up, a .2grms for catching on the drop & .5grms Garbolino DC 18, for laying on a couple of inches. I fed 4 balls straight in front of me: 1 ball at 10 o’clock and 1 ball at 2 o’clock. I like spreading the bait out because sometimes a carp will move into your main feed area and sit over it. The skimmers can then sit just off it out of the way of the carp.

The first hour was very quiet catching about 5-6 lb of tiny skimmers. I re-fed the main area with 2 more balls and within 5mins I caught a 2lb skimmer. Nothing followed for 5mins so I re-fed again with a small nugget then another 3lb skimmer came my way. They seemed to be coming to the feed so every fish caught I cupped in a ball of groundbait.

This worked a treat as I was catching 1 a bung for 2-3 hours then it went dead. I then tried the 10 o’clock swim, no bites, so I fed a ball and the same on the 2 o’clock swim feeding a ball and leaving it. Then back on the main line and after 5mins a hooked a carp. It didn’t stay on long with my .09 bottom breaking as it ploughed off up the lake.

I didn’t feed the main area for 10 minutes after that just to see what was going to happen but soon after I was back into the skimmers. This carried on to the last hour and half when I couldn’t get a bite from any of my lines. I decided I had to do something different even though I thought I had about 40lb by now. I cupped in 3 balls at 11 metres and left it for 10 mins, going on that line it was solid the skimmers had just moved out further and I caught 1 a bung for the last hour still topping up after ever fish. The .5 rig was the best on the day as the wind was pulling the light one around too much and spoiling the presentation.

The scales arrived and I put 63lb of skimmers on the scales!!! What a fantastic days fishing – all caught over Bait-Tech’s new F1 Groundbait and 4mm & 6mm Xpands.

I won the silver pool and qualified for the Viaduct all winners final. Nice!

Next time you fish for skimmers give F1 Groundbait ago! They Love it!

Tight lines

Steve ‘Tucks’ Tucker




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