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kristof_tip_1For my latest session I wasn’t sure what to use at the start. A bag of this or a bag of that? No, this bag ! Or … ?

When you’re going to a new venue or a commercial that you visit only a few times a year, it can be hard to decide what bait to use. It doesn’t make it any easier when a new stock of bream and carp has arrived. To be honest I had my doubts the other day, until I remember a feature on the Bait-Tech DVD part 2. It was Mr Andy May who messed about with Krill & Tuna mix and some Carp & Coarse micro pellets. He caught a lot of F1s in that feature.

kristof_tip3So I wanted to give that a go. Instead of those great ingredients I wanted to use something else: Super Method Mix and Micro Fishmeal Carp Pellets. Two equal parts mixed in a bowl and after that adding some water, just the way that Andy has done it. It’s just like preparing your groundbait but this time the pellets are already added to the groundbait.

When doing it like so, the pellets will get a coating and that will give you an edge. It binds really well around the method feeder and with all the herbs and other fine ingredients you really have a super method mix!

kristof_tip2On my first KVA-Happening I caught 22 fish, 21 carp and one crucian carp to be precise. Every fish was caught on a 4in hooklength and a 30 gram Matrix Method feeder. After 4 hours and 13 fish, I had a break to chat with some of my friends.

It took a while before I got some bites again. But it still is a nice result with the water still on the frosty side.

Don’t be afraid to try something else, you will be amazed of how good the results will be.

Kristof Verbeeck
Street Squad

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