Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Andy Neal

Q: I recently heard that dusted meat was scoring well on my regular venue. What do they mean by dusted meat?

Bait-Tech’s Andy Neal says:

Dusted meat is something very simple to do. It involves simply cubing your luncheon meat as you would normally. Place in a small bag, add some of your favourite groundbait or any powdered additive, shake well and there you have it.

I usually opt for a fishmeal groundbait but a recent favourite is Bait-Tech’s Salmon Fry Crumb. You don’t need much either as a handful is more than enough to coat the meat.

The powder sticks to the outside of the meat and creates a lovely flavoursome added attraction that will over a short time leech off leaving a large cent trail for the fish to home in on. If you do this the night before you go you can achieve almost a vrust on the outside. This toughens the meat and seems to help it do further when catapulting.

It’s a brilliant way of adding attraction to your hook baits.. very easy to do and super effective.


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