Paste Q&A with Lee Werrett

10.03.15_1Darren asks: How easy is it to use paste when fishing? I was wondering how long does the paste last on your hook, and is it best to make your own or buy a ready-made paste?

Bait-Tech’s Lee Werrett says:

Paste is a fantastic bait that catches an awful lot of fish during the warmer months. As with all fishing there is no hard and fast rules to it and I always recommend you use what you are confident in. I used to make my own paste from scalding pellets but over the last few years I have settled on just 2 products that cover all my paste fishing including casting it out on the lead.

The first mix I use and this covered most of my paste fishing is simply Bait-Tech’s Special G Gold. Mix this up on the bank with lake water and there is nothing easier or more effective in my opinion. You can mix this as stiff or as soft as you wish so you can tailor it to your needs.

10.03.15_2When pole fishing I use the weight of the paste to set or properly shot the float, a bit like an anchor – so that way I know when the paste comes off as the float pops up. simple but effective and this way you can play around with textures until you get it right for you on the day..

For fishing on a rod and wrapping it round a pellet you need a very stiff paste or one with a glutinous nature. The Bait-Tech Carp Paste is perfect for this as it will cling to the pellet and allow you to cast a bait out while still giving off plenty of attraction in the water.

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