First Fish of 2015 – James Conway

james_swp_1Last weekend saw me travelling up to Suffolk for the annual Bait-Tech Carp meeting, followed by a nights fishing on the beautiful Suffolk Water Park. Due to a house move at the back end of 2014, this was my first overnight trip since September, so I was understandably chomping at the bit to finally get the rods out.

The day started off with a meeting at Bait-Tech HQ to discuss various matters, which included a look at some of the many exciting new products for 2015. Another subject that we discussed was the forthcoming release of the long awaited Poloni Boilies. You’ll be pleased to hear that the wait is nearly over and the boilies should be hitting the shelves within the next couple of months!

Once the meeting had drawn to a close, we all made our way to the water park for a spot of fishing. I settled on a swim called the ‘Flag Pole’ which is situated half way down the bank that leads to the shallows. The previous few days had felt and bit warmer, so I hoped that this spring like weather would continue and the carp would move up to the shallows the following morning, once the sun had gained strength. This particular swim is situated on a small peninsular which sticks out in the lake, meaning relatively short casts were needed.

james_swp_2With suitable areas located for all three rods, I spombed out a mix which consisted of 14mm Poloni boilies, sweet corn and pellets. Due to it being early in the year and water temperatures still relatively cold, the pellets I chose were the Carp and Coarse Pellets as they have a much lower oil content. This means that as well as breaking down quicker, the carp will be able to digest them a lot easier than pellets with a higher oil content. Over the top of this, all three rods were fished with 14mm Poloni pop ups.

Over the course of the night and following morning, I had managed to catch 4 bream. Not ideal, but at least I knew that the bait and rigs were working well, as all of them were completely nailed.

It was around mid morning when I was in the throes of packing up, that I received what seemed like a better take, however this ended up being a pick up from one of the many tufted ducks that we’re hovering over my baited area.

With little time left of the session and most of my kit already packed away, I decided to cast the same rig back out. The hook point was still needle sharp and when I checked the buoyancy of the Poloni pop up in the margin, it was still super buoyant, even though the rig had been out in the lake all night. Once the rig was back out there, I didn’t even have time to clip the bobbin on before the rod tip pulled round and line started to pull off of the spool. When I bent into the fish, I instantly knew that it was a carp of the other end. Luckily the rig had dumped the lead on the initial take, so the fight was a fairly easy one, with the fish mostly up on the surface.


A pretty mid double mirror was soon netted and Lee Morris was on hand to take some lovely shots in the morning sunshine. With the fish safely returned, it was time for me to pack up the rest of the kit and head home.

The overall trip was a success in all aspects. It was great for the whole team to catch up and getting the first carp of the year under your belt is always a relief. With the carp bug well and truly back, I’ll now be focussing my attentions on my new syndicate water which contains some very special fish.

Be lucky,

James Conway
Carp Catcher

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