Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Cathal Hughes

Ian from Merseyside asks:

10.02.15_1I plan on making a return to Ireland and fish a festival after a twenty year break. Can you give me some advice on the baits and groundbait mixes I’ll need to use in order to compete.

Bait-Tech’s Cathal Hughes says:

Fishing in Ireland has changed since you last visited the Emerald Isle. Gone are the days when you needed to be luckily enough to draw on bream in order to frame in matches. Nowadays you are much better targeting the vast shoals of roach and hybrids that inhabit the loughs.

Both these species require a busy feeding approach on both the pole and feeder and the busier you are the more you’ll catch.

A pole session is usually started by cupping in 5 or 6 balls of groundbait lased with chopped worm and caster. My favourite mix for the pole is Pro Natural Dark mixed with Liquid Molasses (1bag /1bottle). This creates a nice mix that can hold a lot of loose feed.

Once the groundbait has been cupped in, you need to loose feed casters over the top. Best hook baits are usually red maggots and casters, but try the head of a worm if small fish are a problem. Throughout the session you fill find that the fish will come up in the water, so make sure that you have a light rig set up to exploit this.



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