One Happy Angler – Dean Watson

dean_stun_2So after nearly a month off from the bank, I was chomping at the bit to get out!

Using the ever faithful Poloni boilies tipped with the Incredible Edibles a perfect winter combi and this was the tactic:

Single hookbaits with a small pva bag of crumbed up poloni boilies. Just that – one mouthful. Perfect for a winter bite.

This time of year it’s location! Find them and you’ll catch them.

I start with recasting each rod every 30 minutes .. not all at the same time, I’ll cast one rod every 30 minutes in different areas searching for that 1st bite.

dean_stun_5If you find one, the rest will be there, or near by at least.

After two hours the 1st bite came , which resulted in a cracking mid-20 mirror! stunning winter carp – well chuffed.

I quickly moved the other rod into the same area and the bites came quick & fast, 5 bites and 4 landed.

A great session of: 20.6, 17.4, 16.8 and the cracking mid 20. Great winter session and once again the poloni boilies producing in the harsh conditions.

All in all, one happy angler.

Dean Watson
Carp Catcher






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  1. Mike Samways March 22, 2015 at 10:59 pm

    Some cracking looking fish! may have to give these boilies a go!

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