Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Jason Le Bosquet

20.01.15_1James, from Sheffield, asks…

Q:  When using 4mm pellets to fish for skimmers what is the best way to prepare your feed pellets? Do you feed them hard straight from the bag?

A: I tend to fish places like Meadowlands Fishery in Warwickshire and the Specimen Lake at Larford Lakes in the Worcestershire. These venues are full of skimmers and I have found that the best way to prepare your pellets is as follows. The day before your match take a bag of 4mm Bait Tech Carp & Coarse feed pellets and place them in a large sealable bag.

Fill the bag with cold water until the water level is about 1 inch above your pellets. Seal the bag and place them in the fridge overnight. On the morning of your match remove the pellets from the fridge and empty the contents from the bag into a bowl or bait tub. Separate the pellets with your fingers and you will know they are right if they have maintained their shape for feeding via hand or catapult.

The main thing to look for is that the outer of the pellet has started to break down so that when they are fed, pieces are falling from the pellets which are a very good attractant to the skimmers. Overall the pellets will hold their shape well but are actually soft all the way through if squeezed between your fingers. These softened feed pellets are a real winner for skimmers.


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