Pasquale Cenami

Pasquale, an Italian, self-taught carper who learned many techniques through magazines and watching videos. With tenacity and patience he began to copy the ways of the great angler but passing whole days and weeks on the banks of the river without getting big results.

Over time he realized that was not enough just to copy to be successful, but it was necessary to study the place and understand the more subtle signals. It was important, therefore, to understand where the carp spent their time, where they preferred to rest, where they tried for the food, and most importantly, what they ate.

And it is in this way that he could really appreciate the world of carp fishing. Also, he started to use all the things that he found along the banks of the river or lake, for example, snails, berries, blackberries, etc and experiment with different baits. This new way of approaching his fishing lead to good results. 

For his catches, he always use a mix of Krill & Tuna with the addition of Super Seed Parti-Mix, and Super Maize Scopex – a devastating mix to catch the carp.

As a hookbait he uses a woman’s tights with Super Seed Parti-Mix inside creating a 20mm boilie.

Here are some recent photos;





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