Best January Weekend Session

After being at work all week and getting a dose of the man flu, I started to get cabin fever and just needed to get the rods out. Went to a local day ticket water were I have been targeting a stunning fully scaled mirror around the 36lb mark.

Turned up at the lake around 3pm. Had a good look about but with light fading I choose an area that is known to be productive throughout the winter.

After a very quiet night and a good nights sleep I woke up at first light to watch for any signs. Just as I was pouring the second cup of tea I saw a very sly sign of a carp, just poking its head out over the other side of the lake. It was the first thing I had seen since I had been there. There was no hesitation I packed up and jumped straight on it.

The winds were savage, massive westerly and gusts reaching 45mph. It was so cold but it had to be done. Set up in the teeth of it and waited for some more signs.

With rods at the ready and trusted hinge stiff rig ready to go I saw another show off the back of an island and stuck it straight on its head. All I wanted was a bite so single hook baits was the chosen method. After putting the other two rods out where I thought they might be, an hour later and the first rod ripped off.

After an epic battle and slipping the net under what I thought was common, turned out to be one of the best looking fish I’ve caught. A 23lb 6 oz fully.


I was buzzing and well happy with the bite. But that wasn’t the end, Sticking with the single hooks baits and trusty hinge stiff I went on to catch another four fish, A 22lb 12oz common, 30lb 4 oz mirror, 22lb 6 oz common and to top the session off a 14lb 4 oz angry little common.







Single hook baits, location and being mobile all payed a massive part in catching these fish. Goes down as one of the best January sessions I’ve had on a weekend.

Craig Mortimer
Carp Catcher


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