Winter Carnage

WINTER is in full motion and with temperatures getting down to -5, I was up against it for a quick over-nighter. But the next 24hours turned out to be one of my best ever hits in January.

Winter can be a harsh time for any fisherman and the main advice that all winter anglers will tell you is LOCATION! Finding the fish is a cast iron must in the colder months. You have the best bait, the best rigs, but if you’re not on the fish you’re staring at a blank before you even start.

I had a good walk round the lake to try and find them after an hour or so using the binoculars I found a few tiny fizzes at 60-70yards out in the deepest part of the lake 18ft-20ft of water.

It was the only hint of fish movement I found, so I set up in a swim that commanded that water.

The next 4 hours was nothing short of mental for January. I coupled each rod with a Poloni Boilie tipped with a small bit of white pop-up to give that visual edge and a small PVA stick which consists of crumbed up Poloni boilie with added Special G Green ground bait, it was just a mouth full, one bite tactics for the time of year.

Two rods over to the spot at 60 yards, fishing 12ft apart into the area I saw the fizzes half hour earlier.

We’re away:

I was just in the motion of casting the 3rd rod down the margin shelf, when the left hand rod was away resulting in a lovely scaley mirror of 18.8. Within 5minutes (while taking the pictures) the middle alarm was singing and another winter cracker was netted at 24.4, what a result!



Two fish within 15minutes of casting out. Over the moon already and hadn’t even managed to get 3 rods out yet!! .. Finally I got 3 rods out… and no word of a lie within 10minutes the right hand rod received a savage take, the line was peeling off and I was soon into another angry winter carp which resulted in fine mirror of 23.6.dean_winter2

3 fish within the hour of being there ‘’wow’’ what an afternoon!

So after resetting all rods I found myself with my first cuppa of tea (at last) taking in the afternoon and looking back at the pictures of the fish just caught and the middle rod was away again! .. Crazy angling for an afternoon in January with temperatures of just 2 degrees. After 10minute battle a stunning zip linear of 15.2 was my prize. 4 fish landed! Happy days.

Later that night about 11pm the middle rod was away again. Resulting in a cracking 25.5 mirror!


Who said they don’t feed at night in the winter.. ‘’pish’’. With the current temperature being -4 a real result indeed.

Again the Polony boilie doing the damage, proving this bait is a proper 12month of the year bait and the results just keep coming. Location is key, find them, put a bait in front of them and their yours for the taking.

All this footage will be on the Free BAIT-TECH DVD due for release in the spring/early summer this year.

Happy new year all, tight lines and all that Jazz

Dean Watson
Carp Catcher










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