24 Hours with Lee Morris – Total Carp

lee_cherry1Going against the grain, Lee Morris turns to particle PVA sticks to bag Cherry Lakes carp.

“As I pulled up to the gates of Cherry Lakes in the heart of the Cotswolds, proud fishery owner Mike Kirsch greeted me. He gave me a warm welcome and supplied me with enough information to feel like I was
already involved in this surreal fishery.

What initially struck me was the tranquillity and the fact that I was going to stay in the lap of luxury but still chucking my rods out; even my wife would love it here. The oak cabins, of which there are three on Cherry Lake, each have their own area of the lake to fish.

I surveyed the turquoise lake for signs of fish. I had been assigned Heron Lodge, which looks across an attractive area of open water, with the added advantage of a picturesque treelined margin to my right. After a while fish began to head and shoulder and it looked promising for a few bites during my stay.

For my debut in Total Carp I felt the pressure was on to get a bite, especially as I had never seen Cherry Lakes before…..

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This article appeared in Total Carp.



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