Christmas Fishing Fix for Dean Watson

Needing to get my fishing fix before the festive period kicks in, I managed to get a quick over nighter in before Christmas Eve.

Fishing just 20 yards from the bank into 17ft of water.  I used 1 small tin of scopex sweetcorn and 20 x  18mm freebies of the new Poloni boilie on 2 rods.

It was not until the next morning the 1st take screamed off, resulting in a lovely 27.6lb mirror.


As I was taking the pictures of this Shropshire beast the middle rod was away too. Resulting in a 19.12lb mirror, scaley as you like and gorgeous winter colours in full effect!


It capped off a great mornings fishing and wicked end to 2014 for me.

Happy Christmas folks, happy carping.

Dean Watson
Carp Catcher

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