Poloni Boilie…..Testing Testing 1, 2, 3

ian_polony_1As a Bait-Tech Carp Catcher I have been fortunate enough to have been involved in the development of the Bait-Tech Poloni Boilie whose introduction is already being eagerly awaiting in the carp world.

I have had some fantastic results which I will document here for you.

My first real big test with the new Poloni boilie, (8 different herbs and spices have been included to give it a unique scent which carp seem to love) was to take it to France in early spring followed by two even bigger tests in France later on in the same year.

Most sensible anglers will know that Bait-Tech are meticulous in the testing of new baits and no stone is left unturned in trying to achieve the perfect carp catching bait. Unless you have already been brainwashed by the big boilie manufacturers, angling media and the paid consultants who have no choice but to tell you that their boilies are the best you can buy, then you will know that a high quality, nutritious boilie with the correct amount of key attractants will of course catch carp if it is presented well in the right spots on your lake, canal, large pit, commercial or any other type of carp water for that matter. The large manufacturers tend to mass produce bait and cost reduction is often the key driver, this means cheaper inferior ingredients are used to bulk out the boilie with little or no nutritional value to the carp. Over powering artificial flavours are then added to catch anglers.

ian_polony_4Fresh, freezer boilies is a relatively new area as far as Bait-Tech are concerned so the testing process has been much longer than that of other bait companies. This is down to the fact that we want to have a proven boilie, one that will catch carp for many years to come, we wanted to ensure that over the testing period it has been tweaked to perfection, the key nutrient’s and attractors are all totally natural ingredients. Getting the balance right with these key ingredients is paramount to the success of the Poloni boilie.

They have been tested and tested and tested by the entire carp team, the results have been nothing short of amazing, we are all in agreement and totally satisfied that the bait is the very best it can possible be. I think we have finally reached that significant stage in the development of our unique Poloni boilie.



Going back to the French trips…I was tasked with fishing three popular venues this year in spring, summer and autumn. On each occasion I caught the highest number of carp on each particular lake during my week stay, I also caught the largest carp on two of the three trips during my particular week all on the Polony Boilie.


Coincidence? What do you think? Although I like to think that you create your own luck in carp fishing too.

The June venue was a 25 acre lake that has been dominated for a few years by a popular boilie, I’m sure you could all guess which one. Selling the bait on site and promoting it to all and sundry, people are almost scared not to take it or use it, like I said earlier they have been brainwashed into thinking that they will not catch without it, It makes me laugh because it’s all absolute “………”

Simple Tactics:

I love boilie fishing at range and blasting out the 18 mm Poloni boilies over my three rods with a throwing stick is how I like to do it.

I find this method does tend to catch bigger carp over a period of time compared to fishing over a spodded pellet and particle mix.

Quick Tip: Pour the boilies into a bucket and then give them a light coating of Polony oil, this helps preserve them as the oil helps seal the bait, it also adds attraction and they don’t half fly out of the throwing stick giving you a few extra yards over others and virtually none of them split in flight.

DO clean the throwing stick though when you get home. I wait until the missus is not around and then wash it under the shower with a bit of hot soapy water. I don’t actually strip off and have a shower whilst cleaning the stick because that would just be weird!!


Until next time have a wonderful Christmas break and if you’re like me you’ll be using some of it to get out and do some proper carp fishing.

Ian Hirst
Carp Catcher






2 Responses to Poloni Boilie…..Testing Testing 1, 2, 3

  1. Dave Birch September 19, 2016 at 10:45 am

    Hi. My wife and i fish as a team and have tried your frozen Poloni boilies with great results. Would we be better off sticking with frozen Poloni boilies or do you rate the shelf life Poloni as being equal to frozen in its qualities.

    • Ian Hirst September 21, 2016 at 1:55 pm

      Hi Dave, nice to hear from you. I always carry the shelf life baits with me as they are so convenient and are as good as the freezer baits without doubt. If the water I am fishing only allows freezer baits then I will obviously use these.

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