Speed Fishing in Autumn

For the Autumn season I decided to target a very shallow swim in the sun. I thought I would try and catch fish which are enjoying the last of the sun rays.

For my bait approach, I wanted a bait that reacted quickly under water.

Baiting up

spod1My baiting up pellets are the following: Bait-Tech Spod and PVA micro pellet. This mix has Krill pellets (fresh water shrimps), halibut pellets and carp feed pellets.

I cast out a couple of spods on my swim and used a pva bag on my rig

My rig set up was composed of a fluo carbon stiff rig with a Hot Chili growler as bait

The temperature was 5°C and the spodding sort of warmed me up.

That’s it. The rig is perfectly placed on the baited up area and I had to wait 3 hours to hear my bite alarm scream off. Yes a fish!

I was fishing 160 yard from the bank and had to fight hard to land this quarry.  After 20 min, I managed to land this great common carp.

Nice approach – proper bait means good results – one has to adapt to make the difference.

Alexandre Legrand
Bait-Tech France





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