Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Lee Addy

14.10.14_1Tony, from Wigan, asks:

Q: The venue I fish is around 10ft deep. It’s a natural lake holding lots of roach and skimmers. I struggle to catch sometimes and speaking to guys in my club I am told to try shallow fishing for them. In all honesty I’m a bit confused as several people have all said different things. Help!

A: At this time of year I like to fish on the bottom. Before you look at rigs you must look at feeding to suit the situation. For me this would be done with groundbait and seeing as your targeting natural species in a natural water I would also feed worms and casters. Bait-Tech’s Pro Natural or even Pro Natural Dark if the water is clear would be my choice and straight from the bag makes the perfect mix for what you describe.

Start off with several balls of feed with some casters and a little chopped worm in and top up with golf ball sized balls as soon as you see bites starting to fade. This will keep the fish interested and feeding in your swim and will give you a great day’s sport.

Of course, once you have settled with this sort of plan you can then start to experiment with depths at a later stage. Keep things simple and you will definitely catch more.


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