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dean_midweek1Midweek session’s are a rarity for me with family and work commitments. My fishing is normally 48hrs every other week. So when a short session is on the cards I like to maximise my chances as best I can.

Learning my water inside & out before I head down with the business rods. This will involve me heading down weeks before with the marker rod, finding the spots and applying the free bait to get the carp visiting the area. Once I’m happy with the spots found I just clip up the spod rod, or write down the information so I can turn and apply bait as the session draws nearer with minimum fuss.

I’ll always work on 2-3 swims. Just in case your chosen swim is taken, you always have a backup you can drop on.

My pre-baiting mix consists of:

1kg Crumbed up Polony boilie
1 pouch of Parti-Mix
1 cup of Special G Green

Fused together with 3 caps of the Krill & Tuna Oil.

I got to the lake for the over nighter and all rods clipped up ready just to cast on the pre-baited spots. I was only fishing 20 yards out. Slack lines are key in this scenario. I catapulted 12 freebies over each rod, confidence was high and I was sure my pre-baiting efforts would pay off. 15 hours before I had to leave for work…’s hoping.

5am – middle rod – one toner!

The middle rod was away and after 10min battle this lovely 24lb Common was the prize. Proof that effort equals reward, quick picture when the sun came up and off to work.


Pre-baiting can really pay off during the autumn & winter period and can give you a massive edge over other angler’s on the lake. Craig Mortimer is using similar tactics of pre-baiting and smashing his midweek short sessions, with some cracking fish being caught.

Until next time, be lucky

Dean Watson
Carp Catcher












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