Krill – The Super Food

james_krill3Krill are small shrimp-like crustaceans that occur in oceans throughout the world and humans have been harvesting them as a food source since the 19th century. They are extremely nutrient rich and high in amino acids, antioxidants and proteins, which makes them a true natural ‘super food’.

In recent years, the bulk of the worlds catch has been used for the aquaculture industry and aquarium feeds. Carp anglers were soon to catch on to the incredible properties of Krill and in the last few years, it has taken the carp fishing world by storm.

Not only does the high levels of vitamins and nutrients offer carp health benefits, but the strong salty and fishy taste, makes it incredibly attractive to the fish and stimulates them to feed aggressively.

Bait-Tech has a range of Krill related products, so here’s a quick look at what they have available:

james_krill1Krill Pellets

These pellets offer the highest levels of Krill attraction, but in a handy pellet form. Made from the quality ingredients, these deep pinky pellets are packed with nutrients and are the ultimate food source for all types of fish.

The oil content offers huge flavour release and the steady breakdown rate that ensures that all the senses are stimulated.

They are available in a range of sizes from 2mm up to 20mm, meaning they are suitable for a whole host of fishing situations.

james_krill4Krill & Tuna Big Carp Method Mix

The Krill & Tuna Big Carp Method Mix is protein-rich, pungent and offers a high-food value. Containing real fish, this groundbait is very complex but highly attractive to all fish.

The high amino acid profile that boasts long distance attractors and chemosensory stimulation for a protein kick that’s unrivalled.

It is user friendly and incredibly easy to mix, with a medium to fast breakdown time. Available in 2 kilo bags, it’s the perfect groundbait for creating stick mixes, method mixes, balling-in as a carpet feed or adding to a spod mix.

james_krill2Krill & Tuna Oil

In 2014 Bait-Tech completed the Krill range by releasing a Krill liquid in the form of their Krill & Tuna Oil.

The strong Krill & Tuna elements give this oil an incredibly pungent smell and will add more flavour and attraction to any kind of bait.

Being oil based, it is PVA friendly, so ideal for adding to stick and solid bag mixes, as well as adding to spod mixes to create an oily/slicking mix.

I hope this gives you an insight into the Krill based baits that are available from Bait-Tech. Whether they used together or combined with other Bait-Tech products, they will definitely put more carp on the bank for you.

Be lucky,

James Conway
Carp Catcher

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  1. Mike Samways March 22, 2015 at 11:02 pm

    I may have to make some krill boilies add some baittec krill oil to them….the carp are gonna love it!

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