Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Ian Didcote

07.10.14_1Jake, from Bristol, asks:

Q: I love fishing with groundbait in the edge. My club water is around 3 feet deep in the edge and I seem to be struggling with foul hooked fish. I’ve tried fishing with just pellets and corn but this doesn’t have the effect that groundbait seems to have. I’ve tried several types of baits over the top and still seem to be foul hooking a large percentage of fish. Am I doing anything wrong?

A: It’s a difficult thing to get right in that depth of water as the more fish in the swim, the more the bait will get washed around and the fish are at all levels in the peg. This is why you are foul hooking them.

Firstly I wouldn’t feed any light weight particles in with the groundbait. Maybe a little corn would be good as this will sit hard on the bottom. The one thing I would look at is your groundbait mix. I would stay well away from light fine fluffy mixes in this instance as you want something heavy that will go down and stay there on the bottom where you need to concentrate the fish.

Bait-Tech’s Big Carp Method Mix Krill and Tuna is an exceptional bait for this job. As this is a fast to medium breakdown bait it will take plenty of water. You can even over wet this slightly to make it heavy. This will then sink quickly and stay put on the deck. A brilliant mix that I have huge success with this year in similar situations!

Always think about what you need your groundbait to do and find a mix to suit the situation. I’m sure a switch to this will see your problems ease.


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