Ringwood 24 Hours – Lee Morris

I popped down to my syndicate in the Ringwood area for a 24hr session after my last session of a life-time, which consisted of four 30lb carp and around five twenties and a few mid doubles, all on this wonderful Polony boilile which us lads at Bait-Tech are still testing.

Every part of this bait has been pulled apart by the Carp Catchers, and we’re now, right on the brink of a bait I know will be the best on the market. All it’s got now is one more winter test, then I’m sure you lucky lot will be able to get your hands on this bait some time in the spring. I know that’s a while away, but the wait will be worth it, it just goes to show how much quality and work is put into every Bait-Tech product – this isn’t just with the boilie, all of the products go through this long endurance test to make sure that every bait is 100% at it’s best.

Now on with my 24hr recent cod fishing……

I turned up to the lake to see that the guy that moved into the swim I had the big hit of 30s and 20s from 10 odd night’s ago, was still camped in there, so I decided to fish a swim which hadn’t been fished for a while. There was so much weed in front of the swim it wasn’t safe to fish but I had borrowed a big weed rake from a friend, but standing there in the weeded swim, looking at all the weed that was there, I just thought it wasn’t worth the hours & hours of work just for one night, only for someone else to reap the rewards for when I left, so a cunning plan was hatched.

Dead opposite this swim is another swim, but you can’t fish into the weeded area because there is a giant tree over hanging in the margin which stops you from fishing this water, however, if you set your rods on long bank sticks and get right out into the lake right on the brink of the waders you can just about cast into the clear area of the weeded swim – so that’s exactly what I did!

It was a nightmare of a cast, I had trees behind me stopping the rod going back for the big chuck, I was right on the marginal shelf, one false movement and I’d have been in over my head with water, but I managed it, two rods on the money with ten spombs over each of them.

The mix was just supper seed hemp, corn, 8mm fishmeal pellet, and shed loads of Polony boilie in 14mm

As nighttime fell all I could hear around the corner of this tree was giant cod, every 3 seconds, yes I was counting, jumping like mad, it was impossible to sleep, I thought to my self, if one of the rods goes, there’s no way I could cast at night back out to the area, so I was hopping the rods would stay calm till the morning came. But at 3am one of them was tearing off, I had the clutch set mega tight so that the fish couldn’t run into the weed, but I could hear the clutch screaming at me over the sound of my alarm.

On with the waders which may I add, had a whole in one of the legs which completely filled the leg with water right pass the knee, as I lent into this angry cod which didn’t give up easily.

After a few dramas and having to let the rod go slack to let him out the weed and then giving it the heave ho to pull him away from the weed bed, a lovely mirror just under 24lb graced my net.


I didn’t get the rod back out as there was no chance I could do it without the daylight, then the other rod tore off same type of battle as the one previous but a slightly bigger one, a lovely common around 28lb.


With them both safely in sacks I made a cup of tea and the light of morning started to roll in along with the lovely screams from the morning birds. It was back on with the freezing wet waders and both rods sailed out there with no dramas at all.

Only half hour later, one of the rods was away again as I lent into it, it just felt like a big dead weight coming to wards me so I dragged it in all the way to the net with what looked like just a big ball of weed. I netted it anyway and all of a sudden this angry monster exploded in the net, it was going crazy, even tore my net it was going so mad, white water everywhere, as mad as it may seem but I’m sure that fish didn’t realise it was hooked until I had netted it.


I have all this on video so instead of me writhing about the weight etc it will be in a video diary for you all to enjoy, once I’ve finished my Rainbow video.

Happy coding to you all, short n sweet, much love

Lee Morris
Carp Catcher


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