Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Lee Werrett

Steve, from Yorkshire, asks:

Q: I am thinking of using some Special G Gold and Green groundbait to make some paste but I do not have a pole. Can I use it on rod and reel tactics?

09.09.14_1A: Paste fishing is a very simple way of fishing yet can be one of the most effective, especially when big fish are concerned. I have used paste on running line tactics countless times so the easy answer is Yes it can be done. My paste is made from Special G Green or Gold. Once mixed this gives a perfect texture and the strong quality ingredients work brilliantly at attracting fish.

The beauty of this bait is that you can add more powder if you want to stiffen the mix to cast out and conversely add more water if you feel the mix needs softening. Fishing it on rod and line you will want it relatively stiff. Certainly stiff enough so it will hang under its own weight once on the hook. Big edge fish love paste and I often use big chunks fished over loose fed pellets.

The best way of fishing it is to slightly undershot your float and use the paste like a plummet so it registers on the float. This way you know when the paste is off as the float pops up. The bites will be savage so sit on your hands and wait for the float to shoot under and then strike. Bites like that are common when paste fishing.

Ignore the dibs and wait for a yank on the float. You will soon be bagging down the edge!

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