Carp Fishing with Friends and Family

jack_family_1I haven’t had much of a chance to get my rods out lately due to a new business venture but it hasn’t stopped me sneaking about a few lakes with my dog and having a chat with some fellow anglers, and from what I’m hearing it’s all good.

One of my friends has been clearing up on his local syndicate just with using the N-tice Polony meat over the N-tice Meaty Mix groundbait – he tells me he can’t go anywhere now without using this method, another one caught hook line and sinker to the Bait-Tech way!!

jack_family_2Now the weather is starting to cool it’s that time of the year for me to concentrate on my own lake: me and my dad own a small syndicate in Essex with some lovely fish coming out for the first time – we’ve had 2 different 40’s out in a year.

To maintain this healthy growth the lake needs quality control and to do this we have a free fishing weekend where friends, family and people from the village come over with their float rods and we catch as many fish under 15lb as we can. These fish are then moved safely to a little lake in the village for family’s to catch all year round.

We do this every year because the carp thrive so much after spawning that years later it can get out of control with the amount of small fish in the lake, so what would happen is the little fish will get bigger and the big fish will get smaller all because there’s not enough food to go around for so many carp -we find it controls the weight and health of the big carp.

jack_family_3I always love going down our lake with my friends and family, it’s amazing how over the years it’s developed from a hole in the ground with not one tree on it to a beautifully matured lake with cracking carp in it. So that’s why on these weekends I can’t help but put my float rod down and get the ledger out to see If I can catch a nice one, and that’s exactly what happened on this weekend.

After seeing carp bubbles come up for about ten minutes off a weed bed 40 yards out, I just had to put a PVA bag over the top of it, after a few minutes of messing about I finally chucked the rod on the spot (lucky enough first time) I had filled the bag with the Spod and PVA micro pellets with a drop of Polony oil in the mix, fished with 2 Incredible Edibles Sweet Coconut flavour on a short braided hair rig tied kD style – always balance your hook baits in this style of fishing – I like the hook to sit flat on the lake bed with the Edibles sitting just above.

jack_family_4Well it didn’t take long for the rod to scream off 10 minutes max, that’s what I’ve found with this Polony oil is its fast response time. So after a good battle with this beasty carp my friend swooped the net under her and she was a beauty, 28lbs!

The kids didn’t know what to do, they were scared it was going to eat them, I assured them that only the biggest one in the lake likes to eat little children!! (I’m so mean). With all the pictures done and fish safely back to her home we all relaxed with a BBQ and some beers, just a lovely way to finish the weekend. Thanks to all that helped.

Next I’m going to Abbey Lakes in France to see if I can catch a monster from the Fox lake, will let you know how I get on.

Tight lines
Jack Lamb



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