Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Steve Tucker

19.08.14_3Q: I recently fished a match where one rod method fishing won. The venue responds well to pole tactics like most and I caught some early fish on the method before switching to the pole. This normally works well but it was in fact the guy who fished the method all match who won it. How do you know when to switch and when to stay on the feeder?

A: Bait-Tech’s Steve Tucker says: A little bit of venue knowledge and confidence is all that is missing here. Coming off the feeder is fine if it works so let talk about if it doesn’t: When to come off the feeder is a major decision. Clearly what’s happened in your match is a case of last man standing where he’s been the only left out there introducing feed. This means he pulls all the fish into his swim.

19.08.14_2When feeding fishing you will often find that if you come off the feeder and other around you don’t, quite often you won’t draw the fish back anyway if you do go back to it so it’s a very strong move. When method fishing you must give it the best chance of working for you so rather than just chuck it for an hour I like to give it my best shot and concentrate on it for the whole match. Or until I am absolutely sure I need to come off it.

My favourite mix for this is a meat based attack as I find the fish attack it very aggressively. I mix 1 bag of Bait-Tech N-Tice and then grate a whole tin of N-tice Polony into it. This enriches the mix and gives loads of meat particles for the fish to find. Quite often with this mix the swim gets better and better as the day goes on.

19.08.14_1Nothing complicated about a piece of punched N-tice on the hair. Cast regularly this is more than enough to catch huge weights of fish.. they love the strong flavours, particularly at this time of year.. Having faith in this method will catch you more and as your confidence grows so will your results.. It can pay to be a one method angler on occasion.. by all means have other methods ready but don’t be so keen to come off it when all others are.. you may find your swim springs back to life.


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