Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Philip Jackson

05.08.14_2Stan, from Yorkshire, asks:

Q: I’ve booked a trip to Ireland with some friends. We haven’t been for some years. I’m wondering what groundbaits to take? Is there one that will cover most of the fishing we are likely to encounter? We will be fishing lakes and rivers targeting the roach and bream.

A: The fishing in Ireland is getting better all the time. It will have changed a little since your last visit but methods, rigs and tackle will basically be the same. As well as the bream and roach you mention there are now a huge abundance of hard fighting hybrids in many of our waters.

Bait wise you really want a mix that will cover everything. Bait-Tech’s Pro Natural range suits this perfectly as all our species love it. We used to have to blend several groundbaits together to get the right one – now we have it all in just one bag.

My standard mix is simply Pro Natural with some Pro Natural Dark added if the water is clear. I use this everywhere and have had some fantastic weights using it. If you are targeting the roach and hybrids you can add a bit of crushed hemp to the mix. I do this particularly for the feeder. Keep things simple and you’ll have a great time.


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