A Day On Zigs……John Bassili

Having had a great days fishing last week at this venue, I decided to return and have another go, this time just fishing zigs.

I wanted to perfect my adjustable rig method and bait mix that I was spodding for maximum effect. Boy did I do just that!!!

The rig I decided to use is one with a Drennan sub float, actually used for pike fishing. It serves a great purpose. You can pop the float and hookbait to the surface, just like a marker float, then drop it down to the required depth. Simples.

The hookbait I chose was just simply yellow foam glugged in Bait-Tech’s X-Cite Tuna oil on one rod and a yellow Hi Viz pop up on the other. The zig mix was a blend of these scrumptious products which the carp found irresistible!!


Within a couple of hours I had my bobbins dancing and my alarms singing… It was mayhem to say the least – I had fish hooked on both rods on couple of occasions!

I am sure that this amount of action purely came from the bait I was spodding that had a fizzing and clouding effect that they just couldn’t keep away from. I wanted to prove to myself that last week wasn’t just a fluke and that the fish didn’t just have a mad day of munching; and I certainly did that.
I actually lost count how many bites I had in this session as I did lose a few too.

Here are a couple of the ones I landed…


Until next time… Good angling

John Bassili

Carp Catcher

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