11 Fish in 11 hours – John Bassili

bassili_11_4Not quite knowing what to expect when turning up at a new venue, I was pleasantly surprised to see only one other angler on the lake and a shed load of fish, just below the surface, fizzing on the bottom and leaping out of the water in my chosen swim.

I wasted no time in getting some bait out. I chose one rod towards the island on the bottom with a Polony pop up with about a kilo of Polony boilies around it. My second rod went out at 40yds out on a zig, couple of feet below the surface with a 10mm yellow hi-viz Sweet Coconut pop up.

Now, for the magic bucket of goodies that went out with a spomb over the zig…. I made up my own ‘up and down’ mix using the following Bait-Tech products… Crushed Xpand pellets, crushed micro pop ups, Krill & Tuna method mix, Mojo groundbait, crushed hemp, Special G 2mm pellets, X-Cite Tuna oil And Sweet coconut liquid!

The key to the mix is not to make it too wet. The drier it is, the more it will float around the water column near your zig hookbait. Test it in the margins and adjusted it if necessary.

Well I don’t think I’ve seen a mix so effective in all my fishing career. The ‘carp gods’ were definitely on my side that day!

I had carp slurping on the surface like wild animals! It took a while to get a bite as I had to adjust the depth of my zig a couple of times, but once that was tweaked to perfection I could only smash it!

I caught 7 on the zig rig, 3 on the Polony pop up fishing on the bottom towards the island and it would of been rude not to nick 1 off the top to end an epic session!

Until next time, good angling

John Bassili
Carp Catcher





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