Re-Found Love for Dean Watson

deano1Every now & then as an angler you can get a bit fished out! Working in the trade sometimes you just need a break from the bank. This happened to me and I took a 6 week break from my fishing.

The bug was soon back and the re-found love of the sport returned to where I could not wait to get back behind the rods. The session ahead was one I won’t forget for a while. A 48 hour session planned in which had 13 takes, 12 fished banked and stunning ones at that!

Here’s how it unfolded:

deano_2So armed with 8 kilo of the Polony boilie and the new matching pop-up’s which had just arrived I headed off to my syndicate water. A stunning Shropshire mere around 7 acres in size, some cracking fish to go at, low pressure, light breeze all boxes were ticked and I was hopeful of a good session ahead.

I choose a swim called the Bay Double, which required the use of the lake’s rowing boat. I loaded up I set off Captain Pug Wash style across the lake. I spooked a few fish on entering the bay in the shallow waters, good sign they were in the area and the old confidence was given a little boost.

I was soon setup and all 3 rods were primed and ready. Fishing to about 35 yards in 12ft of water all rods on the same line about 20ft apart with 1kg of the Polony bait over each rod to kick things off.

deano_82 rods were fished on the new pop-up with the 3rd rod fished snowman style. The baits had been out for about 5 hours before the fished moved in and the action started and continued for the next 40 hours or so in that time I banked 9 different 20’s, a 19lb, catfish of 30lb and a Tench to boot, with a stunning zip linear being one.

They always say on packing up leave the rods until last and this was proof if ever needed that should always be the case! As the bivvy was being packed away the left hand rod rattled off at a rate of knots! I pulled into it and straight away I felt it had more weight soon as I wound the 1st few yards of line in the middle was rod was ripping off under my feet … tightening the clutch I just had to play the first fish in and hope the second would be still on when I got to it.

Needless to say both fish were landing one a 27lb mirror & the other a 27.2 common… perfect end to an epic session and what a brace to have at last knockings. Yet more proof that these Polony boilies really are the business and my love of the sport is back and burning more than ever…

Until next time tight lines and always remember ‘’always leave your rods until last!

Dean Watson
Carp Catcher







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