The Baffled Mind Of A Carp Angler!

jack_baffle_2Many of my friends think its funny and weird that any free time I have I like to go sit on a muddy fishing bank trying to catch these mysterious carp, but I think they’re weird because they don’t!  

Recently I’ve been fishing a pit that I wrote about in a previous article, and this time I thought I was going to lose my brain. Every time I said to my girlfriend I was going fishing she would turn round and say “Noooo you’re going camping Jack, fishing is when you catch fish!”

She was not wrong because after 9 trips to the lake accumulating 19 nights of camping I had not had a beep, at this point you are questioning a lot of things about your fishing and the lake. For instance does this lake even have fish? And if it does where the hell are they? Also do I even know how to tie my shoes let alone a rig?!

jack_baffle_1Many weird and wonderful things go through your head when at a lake which I’m sure many of you can understand, but one thing always stays the same…. When is that rod gonna scream off?! After sometime on this particular lake your mind can wonder and mine had moved on to: are those seagulls laughing at me or just having a mothers meeting?

The one day I did see a carp I even questioned what it was doing, Looking for anglers to check the coast was clear, getting some fresh air, looking for his mate, or just laughing at me as well as the seagulls! Anyway these were just a few obstacles I was going to have to overcome before I could call myself a carp fisherman again.

The one thing I know with carp is if you can find them and they’re hungry they will feed on a lot of food because they are greedy. So always with my fishing I make sure I’m taking good quality bait so if they enter my swim I can keep them feeding. If you are using cheap budget boillies or pellet it’s like going to a restaurant and being served dog meat, so I make sure I’m using bait that would represent sirloin steak in a restaurant, it will always pay off to use fresh bait and ingredients and with Bait-Tech it solves all off this for me, with the sealed bags it’s as fresh as the day it was cooked.

jack_baffle_3When you make your groundbait mix on the bankside it’s the best you’ll find on the market, and from what I’m hearing about the polony boillies they are going to be a real hit, the reason for this is because of the time, development and research that goes into each product from Bait-Tech, so you know when you’re on the bank it hasn’t just been thrown together – you’re using the best!

The other day I was in the factory when Hayley decided to stitch me up with the new polony oil, she said “taste a bit of that”, so me being the fisherman and wanting to know what’s going in the mix I went for it – well I can tell you I didn’t taste anything for 2 days because of the spice!

But we all know them carp love a bit of spice even if I don’t, so I didn’t care as long as them carp love it which it turns out they do!

jack_baffle_4After all this I went for another session at the lake, and kept to my tactics the same which was simple rigs and good bait! I was fishing a swim I had made a couple months before and had fished it on 3 previous sessions, so I knew where I was placing my traps. As the sun was rising, one of my spots had some serious movement over it and I said to my mate if I don’t catch today I will sell my gear and start playing bowls!

It was a big statement as I had blanked 9 times but sometimes you just know it’s going to happen. Later in the day the middle rod ripped off and I was in, after a good 15 minute battle she was in the net, I couldn’t believe it when I looked at her she was massive!

Me and my mate had all the equipment ready for the weighing, this is always important to set up before you catch a fish cause you don’t want to be messing around when the fish is in the net. Straight in the carp cradle and she tipped the scales at 41lb!!

jack_baffle_5As you can imagine I was over the moon, what a fish to catch after months of painful blanks. It’s amazing how just catching this fish makes all the confidence come back in your ability to catch carp. I will be taking this confidence into the UK Carp Cup in a couple weeks at Airfields Lakes where I’m hoping I can qualify to the semi finals. The website has live scoring if you wish to follow, it starts 12am Friday 13th June. (Lucky for some)

Tight lines

Jack Lamb



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