Wave Carp Team Score Third Place

wavecarp2When you prepare for a competition, you need to have a clear idea in your mind. This time Javi and I were on a small lake with lots of fish and we needed a bait with quick attraction which will also keep the fish in our swim.

Therefore we decided to use Sweet Coconut Method Mix and Envy Green, a pouch of Parti-Mix and different types of pellets, predominantly the Spod & PVA Camo bucket and the Krill Pellets 8mm and 14 mm.

The competition started hard because we lost the first 4 fish but in the end we got our first fish and were happy.

We had a couple more fish and fed again, this time only using Halibut Marine pellets and Krill pellets.

wavecarp1It seemed like the fish weren’t feeding well, the most difficult part was deciding what put on the hair.

My partner Javi, chose Incredible Edibles SweetCorn on one, and 14mm Krill pellet on the other.

For my rod, I chose a Sweet Coconut Pop-up and Hybrid Barbel Hookbait in the other.

That afternoon we saw most of the fish caught with Incredible Edibles and Sweet Coconut pop-ups, then we decided put only those baits in our hair and feed again with Sweet Coconut Method Mix but this time we shot 5 or 6 balls out every 20 minutes.

In the end we weighed 85,06 kg (187lb 8oz), the biggest being 10,900 kg (24lb), which helped us get 3rd place.

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